10 Unusual Mobile Homes and Hideaways

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, everyone needs a vacation getaway every once in a while. It’s also great if your home feels like a getaway within itself. People are getting more and more creative with mobile and tiny homes these days. Designers and homeowners are creating all kinds of shapes and themes. There are homes that look like faerie houses and ones that look like modern and industrial buildings, plus every style in between. Home owners are no longer just looking for a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but they also want character in a home and a space that represents who they are, one that is personalized.

The mobile home is no longer like the ones we saw as children in rural areas. You can certainly still find those traditional mobile homes but there is so much creativity and innovation from which to choose, you can have just about any look you desire in a mobile home. Today, “mobile homes” simply mean that the home can be moved, it doesn’t always mean that it has the look of a trailer from yesteryear. A mobile home can be oval shaped, octagonal, rectangular, and any shape you can imagine. Many are made from shipping containers as well, but the options are really unlimited. If you allow your imagination to build your house, it can be just the dream mobile home you’re looking for, and within a moderate price range.

Below we have a gallery of unusual mobile homes and hideaways to inspire your perfect hideaway: