5 Bathroom Solutions for Yurts

Now that living in yurts is becoming so popular, people considering yurt living, are beginning to think about more modern ways to to enjoy this lifestyle. If you’ve never heard of a yurt, it is a sophisticated, well constructed round tent-like structure that can be as large as you’d like it, but the whole point of yurt living is to downsize one’s life and live as much off-the-grid-as possible.

One thing on many peoples’ minds is the bathroom construction in a yurt. Many yurt dwellers use the bathroom as an outhouse and must leave the yurt every time nature calls. Not everyone can be happy living with an outhouse, though it is one reasonable solution when living in a yurt, though it’s not for everyone. For those who just cannot see themselves living as people did in the old days, we provide you with some inspiration as to how you can construct a bathroom inside your yurt.

1. The Simple Shower/Toilet

You can go simple by having a large closet sized space that holds a shower, sink, and toilet. It does not need to be elaborate. The toilet can be a compost toilet which is your most sensible option. The bathroom closet can be tucked away in a corner of the yurt, out of the way from the living space.

2. A Free Standing Bathtub

A nostalgic and beautiful look for a yurt bathroom could be a vintage bathtub hooked to a water source with a simple shower curtain or beautiful piece of fabric to match the yurt’s style, surrounding it for privacy. You can also have a free standing basin in this bathroom and pour water in it only when you need it.

3. Put Up a Wall

If you want a full bathroom in your yurt, meaning a tub with a shower and toilet, and sink. in the same area, a wall divider is a great idea to separate this area as if it were a different room from the rest of the open floor plan that yurts normally have.

4. Shower with Free Standing Sink

Another great and simple option is to install a shower and then transform a dresser or other similar piece of furniture into a free standing sink and counter top area. The setup provides a place to shave, do your hair and makeup and has the feel of a real apartment bathroom.

5. An Outside Bathroom with Hallway to the Home

If it comes down to it being the easiest way to get a bathroom designed for your yurt, is to have an outside space, you can always connect a hallway through the outdoors that leads to the bathroom. It could be as simple as a tent or as elaborate as you want a hallway to be. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and feel good about the life you are living in your unusual dwelling

Source: Google Images