A Micro-camper Triples Size in 25 Seconds

Micro-camper Triples Size in 25 Seconds

It is called the Beauer 3X and it is an amazing camper invention. This camper has the ability to expand its size and can offer all you need for your camping experience. You might ask, how can a camper expand, well think of a telescope and how it expands, layer by layer until its at its full length. The technology used for this camper is pretty much the same. And you won’t spend all day making your camper larger because it takes only 25 seconds to expand this amazing camper to its fullest size.

It has everything you need that would be in a traditional camper. The kitchen has a refrigerator with a capacity of 130 liters, double gas burner for cooking, a sink, and storage place for your non-refrigerated items like canned goods. The bedroom has a double bed so you won’t feel cramped and the bathroom is a full facility with toilet, sink and shower. There is nothing missing in the Beauer 3X and you’ll enjoy the experience of having a camper that adjusts to just the right size.

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