California Roll House – A Whole Different Way to Build a House

Christopher Daniel’s Spectacular California Roll House

Can a house be built of a single sheet of material, rolled over itself to form a roof? Yes, this designer says!

Want a house that can be assembled and disassembled in no time? I mean, almost as fast as rolling a piece of sushi? Perhaps even a “California Roll?” That’s what we’re looking at here today. It’s a new concept by designer Christopher Daniel. It’s his California Roll House prefab design. The concept of the roll isn’t just for ease of set up. It’s also useful for keeping interior conditions comfortable in arid environments because it wraps everything into an energy-efficient shell, while the outside of the shell reflects the heat of day.

For light, there is a glazed face on the front and back of the roll house, and this is controlled electronically to make it more or less transparent, in order to adapt to the needs of brightness and privacy. This is a modular home design, which means it’s made to be transported to a building site and assembled quickly once there, and then is capable of quick disassembly too.

Doors, by the way, are hydraulically powered, and there are curtains to divide space on the interior, giving more control over privacy and brightness. The frame for the roll house is carbon fiber trusses.

According to Daniel, “Sometimes the simplest form, and that contemplates the less manipulation of its original form is to be able to offer the best solution.

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