Incredible Transformed Garage into a Livable Space

Incredible Transformed Garage into a Livable Space

A divorce is never fun, even if it is a friendly one. Following a divorce, Seattle-based artist, Michelle de la Vega, craved a new project for herself to keep busy. She turned her attention towards her garage, and transformed into a beautiful, livable space just perfect for one person seeking an efficiency-style apartment.

Michele finished the project in 2010 The garage measures 250 sq ft, and was designed and finished for $32,000, which is pennies for any apartment. She kept her budget low, and did as much work on the house as she could by herself. She was savvy enough to utilize materials she found searching in industrial salvage yards. The outcome is the Seattle mini-house that not only gave Michele some new or undiscovered skills,  but helped her through a tough emotional time.

The Seattle Mini House

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