The Roomoon Hanging Tent

Would you camp out in a hanging orb tent?

Have you ever gone camping in a tent? Yes, probably almost everyone reading this has. But what about unusual tents like this hanging tent pictured here?

If not, it would be hard to imagine what camping while hanging from a tree would be like. This is the “Roomoon.” From the designers themselves, all the features of these hanging tents:

The Canvas

Beautifully hand crafted, the canvas can completely open up, revealing the world to the people inside. lightweight and fantastically well made the canvas will last in all weather.

The Floor

The floor is designed to be as portable as possible and yet maintain the high standard of the rest of the tent, made out of a light weight pine for ease of movement and capable of rolling up to access the storage below.

 The Frame

The frame is made out of stales steel and so this means that it is strong and weather proof not only this. It collapses down to make the roomoon a viable option for long camping trips and festivals.

The Hoist

The hoist has its roots in 18th century engineering. capable of lifting over 1 tonne with ease. the user need only to run
the lightweight pulley chain through their hands to be lifted in to the canopies.

Source: Hanging Tent Company

Hanging tent Roomoo by Hanging Tent Company, Dorchester, UK Roomoon (1)