The Solar and Wind Powered Ecocapsule Has All You Need

The Solar and Wind Powered Ecocapsule Has All You Need for Survival

Surely an unusual dwelling, this pill-shaped, space-age looking capsule was designed by Slovakia’s Nice Architects and is an efficient design. The capsule comfortably and easily accommodates two adults. The low-energy pod is designed to include a running-water kitchenette, flushing toilet and a warm bed. The solar and wind powered eco-capsule has everything you need to live comfortably just as you would in a regular house. This is simply more interesting living and better for the environment.

The capsule is equipped with everything necessary for a long stay without the need to recharge. It is powered by a built-in 750W wind turbine, combined with 2.6m2 of high-efficiency solar cells. This is a dual power system with a high-capacity battery which allows for enough power during times of low solar energy or little wind activity. This is an energy system that can support you for nearly an entire year on a multitude of off-grid locations. The Ecocapsule is compact and was designed with an energy efficient shape; small in size and off-grid capabilities.

Architecture: Nice
Project: in progress
Place: Worldwide placement
Date: April 2008 – September 2014
Authors: Tomáš Žá?ek, So?a Pohlová, Igor Žá?ek
Team: Matej Pospíšil, Alexandra Bundalová

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