Barn Homes by DC Structures

Today we’re looking at barn home kits. Specifically, the range offered by builder DC Structures, who’ve caught our attention recently for some of their designs.

What the barn kit home builders offer primarily is quality in terms of both building materials and service (they explicitly state they’ll stay on and assist through the building process, through anything that might pop up along the way). Even if the promise of standing out on the basis of quality and service is a common one, it’s still probably the best focus you can expect from a builder. It means that they have their minds set on delivering the kit home you want, right? They themselves state, “When you make the choice to work with DC Structures, you’ll become our partner and co-collaborator. We see it as our responsibility to nurture your dreams, transform them into tangible plans and see them through to completion.”

The kit home builders use a simplified process for their builds.  The first step is picking and feeling confident in making a start. There’s a wide variety of house formats, and then a variety of options (including size) within each house format. Once you pick something you like, working with their project coordinator, you give a deposit at that point and they set a target deadline to ship the kit house to your property.

The second step is that, within a couple of weeks, the plan you’ve picked will go through a project specialist, who will do the engineered plan alterations required for building, and within three weeks the stamped plans will be delivered.

The third step is finalizing the deal and getting the barn kit house you purchased. Within four weeks of the expected kit home ship date, you make the final payment. At this point the kit barn is already complete, and just waiting. This time allows room for one more review with your contractor. During construction, they stay in touch for the duration of the build.

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