Beautiful Barn Home with Perfect Atmosphere

Beautiful Barn Home

Barn homes, whether they are full or part time residences, create a special ambiance all their own. They can be a little country, a bit cabin, a little cottage, or use the sleek modern lines of urban living. Whatever your favorite style is, you can express yourself in your barn home.  Casual, cozy, or sophisticated, your barn home can be a reflection of you, no matter where you construct it. It can be your place to unwind, shake off the pace of the work place, and find the peace that brings you joy.

So if you are in the market for a new home,whether it is to be your full time residence or a weekend getaway, think about creating a spacious barn home for yourself.

Barn Project Info:

This 44×72 Great Plains Gambrel Western Barn Home is customized with cupolas and open covered porchs. All Sand Creek Post & Beam wood barn home kits feature the strength and beauty of post and beam timber frame construction. Our custom designed barn kits have been used as full time residences, lake houses, cabins, loft apartments, secondary homes, and combination use barn and home. Rustic yet sophisticated, our barns are pre-manufactured, shipped as a kit, and built to last generations. This barn home is located in Nebraska.

What’s In a Kit

Pre-cut post and beam frame:

6”x6” posts, 6”x8” rafters, 6”x8” – 6”x12” tie beam, depending on model, 6”x6” collar ties, depending on model, 4”x4” lower and 6”x6” upper knee braces

  • – 2”x6” Cedar sill plate
  • – 3”x6” Roof purlins
  • – 2”x6” Wall girts
  • – 1/4” Steel joinery plates (including
  •    bolts & fasteners)
  • – Trim, soffit, and fascia
  • – 1”x8” Roof sheathing and synthetic
  •   roof underlayment
  • – 1”x10” Board and 1”x3” batten
  •    vertical exterior siding
  • – Complete foundation plans
  • – Fully diagrammed building plans
  • – Detailed construction guide

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