Beautiful Pole Barn Home – You Can Build One

A bit more about the benefits of pole barn homes. We explained earlier about the basic cost benefits (click here), but lets look now at the construction benefits.

The main one is speed. Building a new pole barn house is the type of project that will go up a lot faster than a traditional house construction project. That’s of course in large parge because there is no required foundation or basement. It’s a simpler construction.

Then when you get to the roof, which everyone knows is so crucial to get right! With these types of pole barn homes, you’re looking at steel roofing and siding. Basically, your house is steel-clad in armor from the elements (and from the costs associated with maintenance for wood and shingles. The homes built by companies like Lester Buildings use an “eclipse roof system,” a strong, sleekly fitting roof with no leaks. The attractive batten snaps over the roof ribs, concealing the screws, meaning that it’s weather tight.

The first thing to do when looking at when considering one of these (besides taking a good look around at them to see what the options are and if they suit you, in terms of overall design), is to check the building and zoning codes where you live, and make sure its zoned for a post-frame home.

The house here is by Lester Buildings. You can find them in our Building Directory, which we’ve updated recently. For more barn homes, click here. For more metal buildings, click here.