Old barn to cozy cottage: Look inside a breathtaking vacation home

Imagine an old barn being totally transformed into a stunning vacation cottage, and you  have got the makings of what is now a rental through a company called Dioni. The house will take your breath away and you will never be able to imagine that it was once a barn. The home is located in beautiful Gwynedd, Wales and has two bedrooms which would accommodate a family on vacation. There is also a stunning loft that is used for one of the two bedrooms and holds space for a double bed.

The scenery is just as gorgeous as the home, with breathtaking mountains right outside your door. This cottage takes advantage of the natural beauty in that area by having glass doors that open all the way across so you can take in the mountains and bring the outside in. The home is spacious with high ceilings accented by wooden beams that are just gorgeous to behold. It gives this home a feel of luxury that most cottages don’t have.
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