6 Bedroom Dressers That Will Totally Change the Way You Think About Your Room’s Decor

6 Bedroom Dressers That Will Totally Change the Way You Think About Your Room's Decor

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – that place where you go to shed the frenetic energies of the day, catch your breath, and renew yourself. And as each of us is unique, we must all honour our own design and decor aesthetics when putting together our bedrooms. Your bedroom dresser is not only functional as a place of storage, but also should have its own beauty and style within the overall style of the room itself. Whether the other furniture in your bedroom is modern, traditional or French Provincial, your dresser should at the least be complimentary to the rest of the room. You might even want your dresser to be a focal point of your bedroom, and let the other pieces in your room take their pages out of the style of your dresser. The general feel of your bedroom should be one of coherence, even if you like to mix and match styles. The six dressers here should spark your imagination.

This cottage style dresser has a bit of the “Shabby Chic” feel to it and would work well in a more casual bedroom. It looks hand painted and a little distressed for that cottage aesthetic. Notice how the accessories compliment the style of the dresser.

The scalloped edges of this modern version of a French Provincial style dresser is a little more formal and the rest of the furniture in the room should highlight its formality. The ornate mirror on the wall behind it is the perfect accessory for this dresser.

This farmhouse style dresser with a slightly distressed look, is more rustic, but still has a scalloped edge which makes it extremely versatile. The interesting hardware on it provides a bit of an antique feel and this would look beautiful in any style room.

The double mirrors above this dresser with gold hardware, highlight its touch of the formal, though it is still traditional in feel. The candles, lamp, and other accessories are wonderful groupings.

This handsome pine dresser with mantle is definitely of the country style and a gorgeous  focal point in any bedroom. The natural wood gives it a great warmth, and its simple lines and hardware compliment the dresser . The mantle is an unusual addition and can be used for a variety of country style accessories.

This tall rustic style dresser also boasts natural wood and very simple, functional hardware. It is raised off the floor by some interesting feet, and the accessories on it go perfectly.

All the images and resource material used here are courtesy of Pinterest.