Rustic Countertop For Cabins – a DIY Project

Rustic Countertop For Cabins - a DIY Project

The log cabin look is getting more popular every season and one of the reasons why is that it is such a warm and inviting way to decorate a home. Home dwellers with many different types of homes have chosen to decorate and design their home like log cabins, a pure and rustic look. The love of this rustic look has moved into the kitchen where kitchen countertops bring in that cabin look that home owners desire.

Countertops can be the centerpiece of your kitchen if you take time to do something new and different like rustic countertops. The great thing about rustic countertops is that they can compliment any kitschen from country style to minimalist. There are many ways to go rustic, wood is just one. Recycled wood is popular for this type of style, many home dwellers and designers even use old wood pallets that are often free or sold for pennies.

You can also pull off the rustic look by using recycled metals, leaving all of the markings and scratches for that rustic look and both these materials are durable. They are often more durable than any materials constructed today. Wood and metal together is another great look for a kitchen counter and you can build that rustic look around it by using hanging pot holders and shelves made from the same materials.

Don’t just ignore your kitchen counter. We know it is easy to do so, but the kitchen counter can be just as beautiful as the rest of your home. Rustic is in this year and according to many home designers, this look is not going anywhere. So be creative, choose your materials, and if you need help ask for it, but put your personality into your kitchen by creating your own DIY countertop from salvaged materials or materials made to look warm and worn at the same time.