The Armchair: Your Room’s Last Accessory

The Arm Chair

All rooms in your home require some kind of seating. Living rooms and family rooms need seating that provides for good conversational flow, and usually there is a sofa and chairs as well to make sure that people are both comfortable and can easily converse. Sofas are generally the first piece of furniture that a home owner chooses for a room, but it is the armchair that caps the seating arrangement. Armchairs are great for curling up to watch television, or reading a good book. And they come in all sizes and shapes and create a room that is a complete picture. Some sofas are sold with matching armchairs, but many people like to get a bit more creative and look for armchairs that are more of a compliment to the existing sofa than something that is matchy-matchy. Many armchairs come with their own ottomans for additional relaxation. And their is such a thing as an over sized armchair, one that can actually seat two people, and provide additional leg room for curling up.

Like sofas, the armchair comes in a wide variety of styles and are made from many different materials. Frames are made of metal, wood, fiberglass, and plastic, and seats are often soft fabrics like velvet and chenille. But there are also plenty of leather armchairs in different styles, and they offer a unique texture and comfort. Many decorators and home owners like to keep rooms in neutral palettes so that accessories, like pillows, cushions, and throws can provide splashes of color. Armchairs in various prints and colors also do that for a neutral setting.

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