You Need This Fluidstance For Your Standing Desk

You Need This Fluidstance For Your Standing Desk

Anyone who works at a desk every day knows that sitting is not good for you. Recently, there has been even more talk about the harm we do our bodies by sitting during so much of the day, not only because of cardiovascular reasons, but even things like bone compression and effecting our ligaments. So lots of us use standing desks. But another step beyond just standing is actually a kind of almost-passive exercise using things like these balance boards.

Now you can actually make your own balance boards DIY style – why not?! – but some people prefer to order one (when it comes to Amazon Prime, at least while this is being written, orders come in about 2 days [note: just the Prime ones for people with Prime accounts, which I have had for a year now and ordered about 50 things probably without paying any shipping or duty on them]).

If anyone has experience with these, or maybe you use some other piece of exercise or fidget product to help stay more in shape while working all day, please comment and let us know!

You can find the Fluidstance on Amazon here, and the the Gaiam Evolve Balance Board here. There is also a round Prof Fitness Wooden Balance Board, and a bit different, the Revolution FOCUS.

I’m going to put some of these in our little “store” – Not really a store so much as a collection of interesting things we find now and then that can be ordered online.

Here’s some pictures of these things: