Unique Floating House by Mandl

This houseboat is a project by houseboat designers Mandl, and its designed to be used throughout most of the year – Spring to Autumn, in the northern climates of Eastern Europe.

The house floats on 2 highly durable concrete pontoons filled with EPS, and uses a variety of technologies to keep energy costs low, including a special water filtration system and wastewater treatment plant integrated in one of the pontoons

The first floating house of this type was built on river Vah near city Komarno in 2012.

General dimensions:

Size of platform:12,0 x 6,33 m
Draft:cca 0,98 m (fully loaded)
Air draft:cca 3,50 m
Displacement:cca 44 t (fully loaded)
Gross area:44,0 m2
Net floor area:37,20 m2
Terraces:29,35 m2
Standing height:2,35 m