3-Bed House Plan with Room for Expansion

3-Bed House Plan with Room for Expansion

The 3 bedroom Dog Trot House plan is perfectly suited for someone seeking just the right amount of room for living comfortably. It is certainly not a tiny home but it is just the right size to be able to maintain and care for without a lot of effort. Well-suited for retirees and couples who want a place to entertain but not large enough where you are looking for ways to fill the space. If your kids are grown and out on their own, this house plan is great for “empty nesters”. It is cozy and welcoming for the homeowners and visitors as well. The third bedroom could be an office space or guest room, or both setup into one space. The second bedroom can be used as a den if you don’t need the space for sleeping. This style of home welcomes many different types of families and various sizes.

A home this size is easy to keep clean and maintain, especially for retirees or busy millennials. If you are a minimalist, the size will suit you perfectly. You will have just the space you need and not a lot of extra space to care for. If you would like a separate entertainment space, there is an option to add a basement to this home plan. Though this house plan is great to live in year-round, it is also perfect as a vacation spot or just a weekend getaway. The plan also makes a for a nice rental property for other vacationers to enjoy.

Specifications for this house plan:

Total Heated Area: 2,086 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 3 or 4
Full bathrooms: 2 or 3
Half bathrooms: 1
Width: 66′ 2″
Depth: 54′ 2″
Max ridge height: 26′ 0″

This versatile house plan is available for just under $1200 from Architectural Designs — you may also want to peruse their other offerings.

A barn structure is one of the most versatile structures there is. Whether you are utilizing it for storage and/or barn machinery, or living in it as a home, this metal building is durable and will last for years to come with proper maintenance. With the slanted roof and traditional exterior, this metal pole barn will be a draw for many types of buyers.

For smaller families, it can be the perfect structure to call home. One portion could still be used as storage from the weather and storms and the other portion can be used as a small barn house. The area along the front is lengthy and can be used for sitting outside in the evenings with family and friends. This metal pole barn house can be accessorized on the inside as it suits you; either country traditional or modern and minimal.

This is a small house structure with a barn home basis. It’s a “Dutch Barn from Amish Buildings. A lot of people are looking at these small houses, and alternative buildings styles in general. For some its the cost, for some its the rustic look they’re looking for.

And if you end up building another house, you can use a barn house as a barn later, or storage, or a guest house, or ship it out for someone else to buy as a house. And who’s to say you can’t update the building a bit later with a bathroom, or a sink and fridge, or add a second unit onto it?

“Great as a workshop, studio, or storage structure for large items the Dutch Barn offers a safe and comfortable environment. Quality features and options ensure you of an attractive and dependable structure you can depend on for years. The Dutch Barn can also be customized into an affordable choice for a cozy comfortable home.”

Barn homes are gaining in popularity. What do you think it is? I suspect it’s a combination of the traditional, rustic look of them, the simplicity of the structure, and the relatively low cost of building them that draw people towards building homes out of barns (barn-style buildings I guess aren’t barns per se).

We’ve been looking at some of the barn homes made by Sand Creek Post and Beam lately, who look like they’re actually a pretty big name in the field, given the amount of houses they have in their inventory, and the range of styles, even within the format of strictly barn houses. This one is their Great Plains model.

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