A Modular House Selling for $3000

A Modular House Selling for $3000

We always have our eyes open for new kit and modular houses, because we like to find deals on buying new homes. This one is more attractive than most simply because of the pricetag. It’s not too tiny, so you can be comfortable in it, although it does qualify to fit into the tiny house movement at 344 square feet (dimensions below). It’s a EPS sandwich panel insulated house, and yes, it is being sold right now for $3000.

Some details about this very affordable kit house? The seller’s description: “The roof panel is made of color steel sheet. We use 50 mm EPS sandwich panel as ceilings. The beam is made of welded square tube and purlin is made of c section steel and column is made of square tube. The antiseptic treatment is galvanization. The wall panel is made of 75 mm EPS purification plate. There is one exterior door and there are three interior doors.”

This modular kit house, as I mentioned, is just under 350 sq ft, and it’s dimensions are L*W*H: 12.67*3.62*2.9m. However, the manufaturers make a point of saying that the floor plan can be customized to various styles to meet the customers’ needs.

They also point out that they don’t just manufacture and sell these inexpensive kit houses, but the furnishings and finishings for them, too. They can supply high quality finishings like flooring, cabinets, sanitary, faucet electricity, kitchen etc.

They have a professional designer and engineer, and you just have to tell them about your requirements. For more about the builders, WZH and China Home Design Modular, you can find them in our directory of house builders and kit home builders. For more kit homes, click here.