You can buy a house online for $17,800 and have it delivered

You can buy a house online for $17,800 and have it delivered

Have you ever considered buying a house online and having it delivered to you? I’ve bought a lot of things online in the past couple of years, including some big purchases where I at first was a bit concerned about whether it was such a good idea to put down so much money on something I hadn’t seen working, but they all turned out all right so far, so what about really big purchases? They say a house is the biggest purchase most people will ever make, but what about if the shell of the house is under $20,000? That makes it a bit easier than the $100,000 or $150,000 price tag for a lot of home builds.

This particular kit house is called the “Bella” (for “beautiful”), and it’s a cottage-style kit cabin home, using high quality timber (spruce), making 2-3/4 inch thick walls (70mm), using a dual T&G windblock pattern. Those ridges you see in the photos are 12 foot, 8 inches, with an 8 foot high back wall, and the roof pitch is 25.4 degrees. The total size of this home constructed is 324 square feet, which breaks down as 237 for the main level plus a 86 square foot loft.

Besides a low price tag, the set up time is also appealing, at least it seems to me. They estimate 16 hours to assemble this kit house, with 2 adults working. Only 2 working days?

The windows range in size, from around 63×76 to 21x 68 inches, and Allwood includes them in their kit. Actually, here’s what’s included: instructions, spruce planks, roof and floor boards, windows and doors, gables (these come pre-assembled), and all the nails, screws, and other fixings needed to assemble the kit cabin home, including handles and door locks. What’s not included in the kit package: anything that’s besides the house shell, ie, there’s no foundation materials in the kit, so those need to be purchased separately, and Allwood Homes estimate around $650 – 1000 for that expense. The only other thing is delivery. Allwood, which sells these kit homes on Amazon, cautions that while Amazon’s max handling time is 30 days, these kit homes are made to order, so when you order one from the company, they then process and build it, and they say to allow 2-3 months after ordering to expect to have it delivered to your property. Still, an interesting, inexpensive shell for a stylish cabin style home. This might work for some people for sure.

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