Exquisite Lakeside Metal Building Home

Exquisite Lakeside Metal Building Home

This Morton Buildings metal home hearkens back to the traditional brick styled homes of the 50s and 60s. The fact that it is a steel built home makes it a sturdy structure and the embellishments give it a warm family feel. The outside porch area can be enclosed and used as another living space. Even open as it is, the spring and summer will be great times to relax outdoors or entertain family and friends.

At the rear of the home there is an amazing lake view that adds to the beautiful atmosphere of the home. The long elegant windows on the front of the home and around the doorway, adds such luxury to the home, yet doesn’t take away from the warm family feel of the space.

Some more information about this metal building:

Project Number: B070041108

Location:Langley, OK
Dimensions: 36’W x 14’H x 45’L + 24’W x 11’H x 65’L + 30’W x 11’H x 65’L
This home was built for Bill of Langley, OK

Special Features:

Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel
Windows w/ Shutters
Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package

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