This Metal Building Home with Two Garages (interior photos)

We’ve explored the benefits of buying a metal building home in the past, whether as a starter home or a retirement home or anything in between. Metal homes just make sense for a lot of people and for a lot of reasons, so let’s look specifically at this home.

It’s a two story, which is a bit rare for metal buildings, a lot of them being rancher homes, and with the tall ceilings in the main rooms (see the photos) it gives that big house feeling being inside it, letting in lots of light and setting the scene for family get togethers (and you can put giant Christmas trees in it in winter, too!).

This house is equipped with a pipe fireplace as well, and you could cook popcorn and sit around the fire, or use the outdoor BBQ for gatherings. The bedrooms are set up with large double glass doors to the outside, to both provide a view, cool the rooms in summer, and allow easy exit. The windows in the giant wall of windows in the living room are framed squares, which means you could easily replace them, and they’re often cheaper than buying and installing larger windows.

The kitchen and living room also have above them the railing from the second floor, so it’s easy to check in on what’s going on downstairs, even once you’ve gone to bed.

Metal building home specifications: 24’ wide, 10’ tall x 27’ in length.

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