7 Compact, Modular, Mobile Homes from Different Countries

7 Compact, Modular, Mobile Homes from Different Countries

Modular homes are built indoors in a factory-like setting. Thanks to creative minds, many of these modular buildings can be purchased and set up in just three days on a prepared building site. These beautiful homes are transported to their new locations, where they are brought together by their builder. Living in this type of home sounds simple and reduces stress to residents since it’s small, and also portable.

Another thing is it enhances intimacy among family members to have a small house, but since they’re modular, they can later be expanded if more space is needed.

Featured in the photos:

Mini For-2 by ekokoncept prefabricated buildings, Slovenia

Albang (Egg Room) by yoon space, Seoul, South Korea

Absolute Box by altro_studio, Italy

eco-PERCH by Blue Forest (UK) Ltd – Treehouses, United Kingdom

Skilpod #48 Zero Energy by UAU collectiv, Belgium

Coodo – Mobile Living by LTG lofts to go GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany

LoftCube by Aisslinger + Bracht

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