Superior Modular Homes

Superior Modular Homes

Nova Deko is a reputable global builder of superior assembled modular houses and a wide range of home features and furnishings. The company is a known distributor in many different parts of the world.

Nova Deko creates modular homes’ main components including steel frames, fixtures for both kitchen and lavatory which allows them to have full regulation of all of their manufacturing procedures. This is how the company guarantees excellence for its materials and craftsmanship. Nova Deko ensures that their fabricated homes are genuinely first class.

The creation of prefabricated homes by Nova Deko boasts their several solid years of experiences in bathroom furniture and kitchen production.

They have experience successfully setting up modular homes from solo pods up to multi-level residential flat buildings, Nova Deko is regarded as an innovator in pre-fabricated housing, with an attention on purposeful scheme, excellence and sustainability.

Nova Deko upholds its international eminence for its quality creation and good value for its customers’ money. Being an expert builder and supplier of houses as well as nearly all components, they charge reasonably. There is a guarantee that customers can be assured of purchasing superior merchandises at economical costs.

Products offered are as follows:

Single Pod Homes – These are detached homes where all is enclosed in a single pod. They are perfect as secondary abodes in the backyard or where the home may need to be moved.
Multi-pod Homes – Includes two or more units or pods combined together which is intended as a family house. It is considered as a main dwelling or as an extra house.
Apartment Blocks – Modules are arranged to build the foundation for multi-level apartment buildings. It is built for cost-cutting scheme, rapid structure and decrease of location workforce necessities. It is best for student lodging.
Bathroom Pods – It is complete and equipped for setting up. Bathroom pods are functionally crafted and contain all the classy fixtures and furnishings found in modern dwellings. It’s swift, simple and easy on the pocket.

The module sizes that Nova Deko are as follows:
– 6m x 2.4m
– 6m x 3.4m
– 12m x 2.4m
– 12m x 3.4m

If in case you are interested to purchase any of their classy homes, see more of Nova Deko’s work by finding them in our Prefab and Modular Home Designers and Builders Directory (click here).