A Prefab Home Cabin Adds a Home Extension … On the Water

A Prefab Home Cabin Adds a Home Extension … On the Water

Prefab home enthusiasts include those people who already have a house, but want to expand, and they’re looking at either an addition to their home or possibly a guest house or second house on the property. Whether this is for family and friends to visit or is intended to be a rental, one thing about building another building on your property is that you’re losing your yard.

So what these guys did is build a prefab house onto the water near their house instead of either one of the options I mentioned.

Of course, you need a lake or river or sheltered piece of the ocean.

The work on this one was done by prefab home builder Kenjo in Sweden, near Musko.

This prefab house is actually more of a prefab room, or if you want to look at it as a houseboat, its more of a roomboat.

But it does use a lot of the ecological and economic features shared by a lot of prefab home and modular house builders, as well as tiny home companies: things like energy efficient windows, photovoltaic system, LED lighting. It also has some extras like a stereo system.

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