Prefab Home Rancher

Prefab Home Rancher

Home living has changed gradually and eventually many families will end up having their own beautiful prefab home — prefab houses have come a long way in design and price, and they’re now suited to what more people are looking for in a first house, downsized house, or second house or cabin. Prefab houses are specialized dwellings that are constructed off-site and they are easily moved between locations and re-assembled. Many contemporary prefab home projects are now designed by serious architects and prefab designers/builders, driven by creative thinking design.

These Danish ONV contemporary prefabricated houses provide modest Scandinavian elegance with highlights on purposefulness, well-lit and extraordinary quality materials. They are intricately designed by ONV Arkitekter for Method Homes. These lovely architect-designed modular dwellings feature a discreet box-like form with tidy lines, peripheral layer, good-sized windows, and a gorgeous shielded veranda connecting between the house and the beautiful garden.

Its big windows allow sufficient natural light all over the house. Detachable panel shutters enhance the exquisiteness of the central façade. The shutters also provide shade to the veranda and some solitude to the whole abode.

At the central area of this modular prefab house, you can find the kitchen and dining area and the living room gives you the access to the veranda and bedrooms. The layout and size of the house are flexible; it ranges from 86 to 175 square meters. Home owners have the option to expand their home by having additional components which are useful for other family needs. Adding an extra component will be useful in the future as expansion becomes inevitable.

This nice Scandinavian-inspired prefab home is undeniably a good choice to consider. And since it is primed for modification and you can discuss the points and ideas that you have in mind before you settle on this particular project, you are assured of customer satisfaction. To see more of Method’s and ONV Arkitecter’s work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.