Tow as a trailer OR as a truck camper: the Firely Cricket

Firely Cricket Trailer tent

What do you drive? A car or a truck? The chances are it’s one of these two, and neither really has sleeping quarters built in. But what about using a small camper for EITHER car or truck?

That’s one of the main features of this trailer/camper. It’s called the Firefly Cricket. You can mount it on a truck bed like a camper, but you can also tow it behind a car or SUV or van like a trailer. It’s a small, lightweight camper, but it has a big awning so you can sort of extend your comfort area. The designers apparently worked for NASA for a while before designing this one, and here’s their description: “In NASA parlance, it is a habitation module. It weighs ~600lbs. Deploy it on its legs. Tow it with a small trailer. Carry it in the bed of your pickup. Drop it in with a helicopter. Use it how you will.” It’s currently in the concept phase.