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Shipping Container Turned Modern Beach Side Home

Shipping Container Buildings October 1, 2016

Shipping Container Turned Modern Beach Side Home

Who would ever think that a shipping container could be transformed into an ultra-modern and attractive beach home? Yes indeed, a 320-square foot shipping container can be transformed into a decent beach house with all the nice details and quality materials. Complete with original mahogany floors, spacious bathroom, porch, glass doors and windows, and just around two blocks away from the beach, this beach-side home is a perfect getaway for families who want to relax and escape the city life.

Located in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, these two shipping containers-turned-beach house had been constructed with a mix of high and low end finishes to come up with a modern house that is perfect for people who want to live closer to the ocean. It may be smaller compared to other beach houses but because of the classy and attractive details and cozy interior, it is just as comfortable and relaxing as any conventional home. Needless to say, it is much like living in a real house – only it is eco-friendly, innovative and practical.

For more of Jennifer & Abbie’s work, or to find other metal building companies, find them in our directory of metal construction companies.

Shipping Container Turned Modern Beach Side Home

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Amazing Houseboats Made From Used Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Buildings September 27, 2016

Amazing Houseboats made from Used Shipping Containers


The team at Vandeventer + Carlander Architects beautifully designed a modern floating home. This 2,900-square-feet abode is worth $3.45 Million. It is perfectly set in Lake Union at the center of Seattle. The 850-square-feet porch and roof deck allows residents to fully enjoy a scenic view of the city.

Fennell Residence

The creative idea of Robert Harvey Oshatz created a distinct and elegant floating home. Its graceful arches and outlines express a flowing river while the glass front excellently frames the water view to showcase the welcoming interior of the house.


In Hamburg, renowned architecture firm Sprenger von der Lippe built and designed a 1500-square-feet floating house. The upper level features nice communal areas while the lower level are mostly private spaces for the residents. It carries an industrial designed appearance with a touch of natural wood element.


The SayBoat houseboat is perfectly designed by Milan Ridky. Truly, it is an amazing creation which features beech wood and stainless steel. It is a nice 700-square-feet floating home. And because it is a compact house, it can either be set on rivers or carried on a boulevard.

Hausboot Silverbeaver

Confused-Direction Design created a beautiful houseboat in Oldenburg, Germany. Its natural wood structure blends perfectly with its natural surroundings. Once you enter this lovely home, you’ll experience warmth and coziness.

For more of Vandeventer + Carlander Architects’ work, find them in our shipping container homes directory.

hamburg modern fennell silverboat

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Various sizes fully demountable shipping container homes

Shipping Container Buildings September 22, 2016

Who wants to live in or build a container house. Shipping containers seem to be used for building homes everywhere nowadays, but actually I don’t really see a lot of shipping container sellers, which is kind of important for anyone planning to set one of these houses up. It’s the main building material, and that means it requires a little research.

So here’s one option we’ve been looking at in our own research, which we of course try our best to pass on to you guys, knowing how much interest there is out there in alternative home building styles — particularly if the alternative means a savings in cost, right? That’s something I think about when trying to plan out my first house, anyway.

So, here we have options in sizes of containers that are set up already as building blocks (or finished frames) for houses. This usually means you can just get one and crane it onto your simple blocking or whatever foundation you’ve decided on. But in this particular case it can also mean (the company has a few options) you get a “flat pack” (demountable) a– a package with the walls laid down flat on top of each other and you attach them in place (or have a crew do it). This is actually the most interesting thing about the company we wanted to pass on to you — the idea that your shipping container style house can arrive to your door in a few different ways. Later on, we’ll also look at the option of buying regular used shipping containers and see what the prices are like there.

These already-set-up containers come at varying lengths, from 6 meters to twice that, 12 meters.

“Our new generation of demountable containers are produced with high-tech system that uses bolts and nuts instead of whelding,” according to the company. “With 60 mm thickness walls and 110 mm thickness roof panels our containers enjoy superior insulation.

“With Karmod jointed containers’ system, single-storey or multi-storey buildings can be produced including offices, worksite buildings, working offices, worker camp, campus, dormitory, mess hall, wc and shower units, international sport and tourism organizations buildings, sport facilities, military facilities, are all prepared with different alternative plans.

“Karmod worksite and office container buildings have many advantages such as quick design, production and assembling according to international standards, and economic prices that meet customer’s budget.”

For more of Karmod’s work, find them in our shipping container homes directory.

Various sizes fully demountable shipping container homes

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Beautiful Container House for Inspiration

Shipping Container Buildings September 20, 2016

Beautiful Container House for Inspiration

This beautiful shipping container building residence, built from recycled containers, is in an area away from the city, but benefited by beautiful views and a peaceful atmosphere.

The Office Architects S + diseño stacked two containers, each of 30 square meters, to form the main structure of this shipping container house.

They were positioned slightly offset relative to one another, to create a terrace in each container.

On the ground floor we find the kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room and double bedroom.

Upstairs are the guest bedroom with its own dressing room, a relaxing balcony and dining room.

The combination of cheerful yellow with gray — a little more serious — for the exterior creates an interesting contrast without, however, giving up the original appearance of each container.

For more info on S + Diseno, find them in our directory.

Beautiful Container House for Inspiration (2) Beautiful Container House for Inspiration (3)

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This Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container Buildings, Uncategorized September 20, 2016

Shipping Container Home

This simple but eye-catching shipping container home is one you might have seen before, but never known anything about. Yes, it is as simple as it looks. It’s basically a single shipping container set up on three concrete pillars. It also includes a patio that sticks out at the second-story elevation of the entire structure (see photo for patio).

Is this something you can build? Yes, and it is a prime example of what can be done with a single shipping container house. Shipping containers can cost around $2,000 to $5,000 and you can get them standard in many sizes, but generally up to 45 feet long at the larger end. The one in the picture is 4 meters wide and comes in 7 to 15 meter lengths. What some companies do with shipping containers is disguise them, forming modern or rustic looking houses that just happen to have the inexpensive durability of shipping containers. What other designers do is use the aesthetic of the shipping container itself in the overall design of the house.

This particular shipping container home by Espace is a modern design (as you can tell from the photos), and it used complete modules as well as some wood for the interior. When these were built, they were priced at between 55,000 and 95,000 Euros, but they don’t seem to be built anymore by the company Espace, the website of which is no longer functioning. Doesn’t matter for us though, because we get to see their interesting shipping container design and we can use it for our own modular, prefab, whatever home design plans.

In case you’re wondering about entry for this shipping container prefab house, it’s on the other side, and you can see the walkway to the door is also elevated, like a small bridge to the house. The back of the house is finished in wood paneling, while the front with its expansive view (in this case) is completely glazed. For locate Espace (Austrian company), find them in our directory of prefab homes.

This Shipping Container Home

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Ecopods – Re-inventing The Shipping Container House

Prefab, Shipping Container Buildings, Tiny House September 6, 2016

For eco-conscious individuals, shipping container homes can be the best building option. We have seen that some places in different parts of the world such as Canada, New Zealand, London, Scotland and in the U.S., shipping container homes are being prefabricated as incredible dwellings for bachelors, couples and families alike.

Opting for shipping container houses assure residents that they are lodged in a nearly indestructible abode. Steel is very durable and can stand the test of time. The frames are certainly fire and termite-proof and basically better than log framing. Aside from durability, it is also economical since the materials are recycled. Aesthetics is also prioritized by builders whenever they create shipping container houses. It will only take around two weeks or so and for larger sizes, it will take up to 6 months. This span is very short compared to regular house construction.

I really love the unique idea of Ecopods regarding this shipping container home. They are cute and intended for residents who like to live in a small space. It is designed for individuals who enjoy life of simplicity and minimalism.

The pods can be relocated to different places without much effort. They have designed the hydraulic-powered deck to make the structure safe when residents are not using it. Also, because these pods are small, they can be used as add-ons those who have standard houses or as provisional shelters for groups that need temporary lodges for remote activities.

Additionally, pods are definitely remarkable since they can be easily taken somewhere since they can be packed up and transported via trucks, water vessels, and planes without them being identified as shipping container homes. They still look like the usual shipping containers that are being used to transport bulk items.

But upon reaching the destination, gradually, one can see how this amazing pod can be utilized as a comfortable space for a small family. Isn’t awesome to live off the grid with a unique home style?

To see more of Ecopods, find them in our directory.

pods_0 pods


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Shipping Container House, But Wait Till You See the “Caterpillar” Layout

Shipping Container Buildings September 2, 2016

This shipping container house has an unusual reference point: Caterpillars. Animals are the inspiration for a lot of what we do, but bugs as motifs for buildings are not that common at all!

Caterpillar House was built from prefabricated modules: there are twelve containers of varying sizes. One of the project objectives was to integrate the house into the landscape, so the house “rests” on the ground and adjusts to the slopes and local relief.

Basically, its a set of several long structures composed of shipping containers laid end to end and fabricated together. The house slopes down along the side of a hill, then straightens out and thereby projects over the decline below.

It can serve as an example of one way use can be made of land that includes a steep slope, and where you want to build using shipping containers, and are therefore confined to shipping container design layouts.

Architect: Sebastián Irarrázaval – Photos: Sergio Pirrone. To see more of Irarrazavel, find him in our directory.

shipping container caterpillar house (2) shipping container caterpillar house (3) shipping container caterpillar house (5)

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Shipping Container House: Containerlove

Shipping Container Buildings September 2, 2016

Shipping Container House Design

Thisshipping container house project, called Containerlove, was completed by LHVH Architekten. It’s an example of what you can build with two shipping containers and a bit of land.

After a phase of production and planning, considering just how the used shipping container could be adapted to the needs of the residential setting, which took about a month, the containers were delivered and assembled.

The owners then were able to move in on the first day!

This is one of the great advantages of building with containers: agility. Also, since the container is already formed, you already have a roof and four walls. It’s a safe, secure shelter even without anything done to it.

The corner created by putting two containers together makes a particularly roomy section of the shipping container house layout (compare the photos of the layout and the airy interior).

With a shorter work phase, as well as making it easier not haveing to rent a temporary residence or coordinate with moving out of a house you sell, your pocketbook and the environment will thank you. Photos: Tomas Riehle. For more of LHVH’s work, find them in our directory.

shipping container house (7)

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Shipping Container Guest House Made with One Used Container

Shipping Container Buildings September 2, 2016

shipping container house

Here a shipping container was recycled and transformed into a guest house. Guest houses are a type of building that doesn’t usually need consideration of size and amenities to build — it’s just an extra space with some privacy — which makes it kind of an ideal project for shipping container building.

Containers are practically synonymous with sustainable architecture. After they get old and no longer fit to carry cargo, some are transformed into housing. So if you like to treat your guests well and want to offer something beyond a simple guest room, a container like this can be one of the solutions you consider.

The first impression for a visitor, you might consider, is that there is a nice place to spend a few days. The colorful details of the bank and the chairs are say immediately that this is a cheerful and cozy place. Notice also the charming garden on the roof of the guest house. It is not only aesthetic, but also functional, it serves to reduce the transmission of heat.

The used shipping container is only 30 square meters — well planned and decorated tastefully. The wooden floor makes the most of the natural warmth and helps break down a little the air of being in an “industrial” shipping container.

The guest house has a full bathroom with sink, toilet and hot shower.

For more work by Poteet Architects, find them in our shipping container home builders and designers directory.

shipping container house (5) shipping container house (2)

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Shipping Container House Design by Ecotech

Shipping Container Buildings September 2, 2016

This is an amazing version of how to use shipping containers in house design.

The project is signed by the architects of Ecotech Design and is located in the Mojave Desert, California. Six containers totaling 220 square meters.

This shipping container house is what the designers refer to as a “prototype hybrid house.”

“The residence is a prototype of 2nd generation pre-fab design and a kit-like housing product. It is constructed from 5-20′ long recycled cargo containers that were fabricated and finished in Los Angeles and then shipped to the site where they were erected and stacked 2 high in 15 minutes each. All site work, including foundations and utility placement was constructed at the remote desert site during container fabrication in Los Angeles.

“The residence is the 1 bedroom, 1-1/2 bath, 2 story model hybridhouse_1 design that has been adapted for a media client who required a separate photo studio and storage building. The studio is constructed of a Butler pre-engineered steel building with plug-in cargo container storage. It is naturally daylite with 22″ dia. Solutubes, which can be manually controlled and temperature balanced using efficient, dimmable strip lighting.

“The container residence and the pre-engineered, steel studio structure act as two bookends that support framing and, in turn a perforated metal shade canopy that wraps the container’s roof, south-facing steel walls and the dramatic 20′ high outside living space, aka solar breezeway to provide protection against desert heat, glare, wind and blowing sand. The breezeway, in turn moderates and then directs a flow of air through the container spaces to enhance passive cooling. A naturally lit, steel-clad stair structure connects the 2 level stacked containers and doubles as a 20′ story high photo gallery in which to display artwork.”

For more work by Ecotech Design, find them in our shipping container house builders and designers directory.

Shipping Container House Design by Ecotech (1)

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