Garage Living: An Alternative Way of Life

Well-Made Hi-Rib Steel Hobby Garage w/ Porch

One might say that living in a garage is for teenagers who have been banned from the rest of the house or a slacker back from college whose bedroom was turned into the home entertainment center. That used to be true, but nowadays people are making a conscious choice to live in garages. Its like the next best thing to buying a tiny home. Often you can buy a stand alone garage for a much cheaper price, than you can purchase a tiny home, and it really works for those who like their location and want to stay there for a while. Garage living is great for dwellers who choose not to be mobile.

The ideas for remodeling and decorating a garage is endless. Below there are some suggestions for garage apartment floor plans:

These plans are examples of elaborate garage apartment floor plans. Your plan doesn’t necessarily need to be elaborate. It just needs to be what suits your style of living.

Most people have concerns about the kitchen area and the bedrooms. Where will these spaces fit and will they end up living without life’s normal modern amenities. This isn’t true unless you choose to live very frugally, you can have most of the modern amenities you want in your garage space. Whether you rent or purchase a stand alone garage or rent a garage space in someone’s home, if you look around for ideas you can make it happen.

Kitchen Ideas

The long galley kitchens work well in garage apartments and kitchens that stand against one of the garage walls work as well. Here are some examples of galley kitchens and kitchens that stand against walls.

Whether you desire a traditional bedroom surrounded by walls or one out in the open space, there are many ways you can construct a beautiful bedroom in your garage apartment.  Here are two examples, one with walls and one in open space.

Bedroom Ideas

When you do your research on floor plan choices and interior design for garage apartments, you will see that you are not limited as to what you can have when you live in a small space. It’s not about eliminating everything you need, it’s about being smart as to where you put them.