Durable Metal Building Garage With A Space for All You Need

Durable Metal Building Garage With A Space for All You Need

This Morton’s metal garage is not only sensible and durable, but also very stylish with its deep green coloring paired with neutral colors and enhanced by brick siding. This building space is just right for collectors and all sorts of hobbyists. The space can be used for a multitude of collectible items; anything you want to keep safe.

Made with the best of metal materials, this building, with proper care, will last for a lifetime and anything stored inside will be kept safe from the elements. With this property you get a long-lasting garage with style that is built for all of your needs. The building also has a very stylish overhang where owners can sit, have quick meetings, or just enjoy the sunshine and scenery.

Some more information about this metal building garage:

Project Number:B143041379

Location:Yulee, FL
Dimensions: 35’W x 15’H x 70’L
This garage was built for Michael of Yulee, FL

Special Features:

Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel
Loft Doors
Turkey Tails
Eyebrow Overhangs
Windows w/ Shutters
Thermax Roof Insulation

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