Incredible Hobby Garage for Car Lovers

Incredible Hobby Garage for Car Lovers

All car lovers and collectors will adore this Morton Builders hobby garage geared towards car collectors. However, just because the garage was built with car collectors in mind, does not mean that the space cannot be used for other types of collectors. The space is versatile, collectors from car lovers to antique furniture lovers can utilize this beautiful space.

The draw for this space is its size and clean minimal look. If you would like more color, that is up to you. The space is quite neutral, which is actually another great draw because it can be easily customized. If you are not a car collector, the space is great for gatherings and events, or important family celebrations. When celebrations are not in order, this space can also be used for storage for the entire family.

Project Number: B070005510

Location:Broken Arrow, OK
Dimensions: 60’W x 14’H x 105′
This hobby garage was built for Paul in Broken Arrow, OK

Special Features:
Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel
Gable Entry
Deep Fascia Overhangs
Windows w/ Shutters
Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package

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