Incredible Hobby Garage for Collectors Plus A Roomy Living Space

Incredible Hobby Garage for Collectors Plus A Roomy Living Space

This extremely large modern hobby garage, with living space from Morton Buildings, is suitable for serious collectors and businessmen. This garage is so spacious that it is perfect for car collectors and those whose collections vary from cars to large furniture and antiques. The space has a very modern look and is designed in a way that makes it very private. Though there are windows, they spread out perfectly and are just the right size.

Collectors who would be drawn to this hobby shop/living space would be looking for a bit of privacy to keep their collections safe. The convenience of being this close to your valued collection is rare. To find a space this large, one would usually have to rent it, and normally it would not be close to home. The Space is a neutral gray and taupe, but could be customized to your specific liking. The space is also great for entertaining.

Some more information about this hobby garage:

Project Number: B091034833

Location: Ixonia, WI
Dimensions: 42’W x 10’H x 120’L + 60’W x 12’H x 250’L
This hobby garage was built for Mike of Ixonia, WI

Special Features:
Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel
Acoustical Steel
Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package

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