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A Charming Little Prefab Cottage – Plans

Cabins April 26, 2016

A Charming Little Prefab Cottage – Plans

When it comes to prefabs, there are those who like modern home designs and there are those who like the traditional layout. It’s funny. These types of dwellings have been built roughly the same way for hundreds of years. However, the prefab take on the woodsy rustic cabin is a new idea, driven by our need to spend less on homes (and cabins), and provided for with our modern technology — our ability to prefabricate large structures inside a warehouse and also our big vehicles which we can just throw a house on top of and move from place to place.

This particular prefab cabin is a one-room cottage. It can also be used as a storage shed. A space for a guest house-type situation, or for teenagers who want a little more independence also come to mind as possible uses for this modular tiny house. What else? a pool house, maybe? Or a cabana?

The dimensions are 16 by 20.  There is a loft in this cabin as well, 7 by 12 feet. However, you can also build them in an 8 by 10 foot smaller size.

With the loft, you can use it as a sleeping area, or you could opt to use it as a storage space for seasonal items which you don’t necessarily need to be down in your living space all year round.

This cottage is actually a kit you could order, by KitGuy. He calls it Vermont Cottage. You can visit him (click here).

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Unique Rustic Deck Chairs

Furniture and Furnishings April 18, 2016

Hello modular home builders (and those interested in learning more about prefab houses). We recently took a look at a company called BIO architects who had made a nice wooden-finish rustic style prefab cabin / home, and when we were looking at their portfolio, we noticed these deckchairs and wanted to see what you think of them (let us know on the Facebook post if you like them or if you want us to find more wooden patio chair styles for you).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this style of deck chair before, although it might just be because I’m not from Russia (the prefab company is). However, even if you’re not interested in importing them from that far (although maybe you are (click here for our article on their prefab house and it has a link to their website (not in English, though).

They actually had two interesting styles of wooden deck chairs they were marketing alongside their modular home plans (and builds). There’s the one above (with the angular lines) and then the other one (photo down below) composed of slats of lumber four ply deep sitting atop a metal frame.

Whether or not they’re for you, these deck chairs would probably make good conversation starters on your modular home or cabin deck — especially if you wanted to talk about Eastern Europe!

If enough people are really interested in these chairs, we can find similar plans to make them and put together a DIY article for them. Comment on the Facebook post.

Unique Rustic Deck Chairs (2)

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Cottage Style and Feel: Priceless

Uncategorized April 11, 2016

Cottages are generally smaller homes, but they have a cozy, warm and eclectic feel about them. Mixing vintage, flea market finds, and also the new is the hallmark of the cottage style.

Casual comfort can be seen everywhere in a cottage, with subdued and soft colors, and a combination of contrasting textures. Your own personal style flourishes and you can always add to your “stuff” without worrying about being “matchy-matchy'”.

The cottage style is especially prevalent in the UK, where it would seem the cottage has its roots. Set in the country where there are trees and green everywhere, and sometimes a flower garden, the cottage looks especially quaint.

Image: Pinterest

The Cottage Living Room

Image: Pinterest

A mixture of soft neutrals, a fireplace, comfy throws, and a blend of interior design styles make this living room warm and inviting. The casual yet elegant ambiance adds to the comfort and visual interest of this room.

The Cottage Kitchen

Image: Houzz

This classic white kitchen beautifully blends the old world style of painted and glass-fronted cabinets with the modern use of the stainless steel stove and oven. Any accent colors would work in this gorgeous room and put some ceramic bowls with fruit on the table and you have the picture-perfect country kitchen.

The Country Bedroom

Image: Houzz

This pastel blue and otherwise neutral bedroom, typifies the cottage style. With flea market finds and “Shabby Chic” feel, as well as an area rug rather than carpeting, this room is the perfect retreat for a renewing and refreshing night’s sleep.

The Cottage Bathroom

Image: Bathstore

This cottage style bathroom in muted shades of a true cottage green, delicately blends old world and modern elements. The recessed wall is a great spot  for the claw foot tub, and the pedestal sink stands in beautiful contrast to the sisal rug at its base. The round mirror is a wonderful foil for the clean architectural lines of this bathroom.

The cottage style has always been an eclectic’s dream. Nothing is verboten, everything goes with everything else. Fireplaces, cozy nooks, quilts, muted tones, greenery carefully placed, all go into the cottage style. That’s why it is so popular with people who want a welcoming feel to their home.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens. Featured image: Pinterest

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Expandable Container Home – They’re Selling These Things for Only $10,000

Shipping Container Buildings April 10, 2016

Expandable Container Home – They’re Selling These Things for Only $10,000

So modular homes are inexpensive alternatives, in many cases, to traditional construction homes, but I came across this expandable modular container home, and they’re listing them for $10,000 (you still have to pay shipping, of course).

These shipping container homes are clad in quality timber and are suited for country or beach properties, according to the people selling them.

Another thing modular home buyers might factor into their estimations is that the shipping for a container home from overseas costs in the thousands, to get it to our coasts and to ship it from the coast to your location.

So how are they built, some of you might be wondering? The house is a modification of an ISO shipping container (you can buy these a lot of places, there is a huge global supply of shipping containers). THey cut off some of the corrugated sheet and manually weld a smaller container to it as a slide out.

The slide can be moved by several people working together, but without too much effort, according to the prefab manufacturers.

They then decorate the interior and use sound-absorbing wood ceiling panels, and use birch to cover the wall. They also have removable custom-built joinery.

The outside cladding and decking is done with antiseptic-treated timber.

I hesitate to link to the product contact page for this one, because it is from China on Alibaba and I can’t guarantee the quality, and the page I saw it on had only one sale showing. Once I hear more about these guys, I’ll update this page and I’ll update our Facebook page, too. Probably I’d suggest shopping around North American modular homes (they might already have options around this range) and contacting builders nearer home first and seeing if they can build something like this. If anyone ends up buying one of these expandable modular homes from overseas, though, please let us know how it goes so we can update people.

expandable container (3)

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Cool Shipping Container House You Can Build on a Cliff

Shipping Container Buildings April 10, 2016

Cool Shipping Container House You Can Build on a Cliff

This module house was built on a type of land that usually requires a bit of extra work to construct on — a rock cliff. But because the modular home sits on simple leveled cliff edge (picture above) with the overhang supported by simple blocking, without any sub-floor or foundation, the difficulty is reduced.

Of course, we might be a little swayed by this picture — how many people don’t want a view like this, or to have their house surrounded by trees and earth? That’s one reason a lot of people look into modular homes or tiny homes, I guess. You can put them almost anywhere, and lightly — they can usually be lifted out without much difficulty, too.

The architects for this one are WMR Arquitectos. Their a Chilean company (again with a Chilean modular house company!), and the house was photographed by Sergio Pirrone.

The modular house is based on 3.2 meter square wood sections with the entire house “skeleton” (pillars and beams) remain in sight when the house is finished.

The roof of this house is also a patio — a flat pati0 — and has an walkway onto it from the front side of the house.

To see more from WMR Arquitectos, find them in our prefab and modular homes directory.

wmr modular house chile (4)

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Shipping Container House Design

Shipping Container Buildings April 10, 2016

Coming to us from Ek is this elegant shipping container house design — a symmetrical three-section modular home build that Ek shows seated in a tree-surrounded grove.

Do you need a place of refuge for a weekend or a comfortable residence to put in a very small space? Do you want to look at shipping container building options for the structure? If the answer is that you do, then you might have the Ek 007 written in your tiny house future blueprints.

Boasting a low installment cost and what Ek considers outstanding comfort for a 67 meter square living space, the Ek 007 is a low-height building with a thoughtful floor plan. It is based around a central atrium and is a “strong architectural expression in a small space,” according to the modular house construction team.

The Ek 007 can be enjoyed installed at a site on the sea or at higher, forested areas, and the modular construction has “all the great features.”

Behind the two spaces and middle corridor, there is a larger living area, kitchen/dining area, and foyer.

Shipping container house specs:

Family prefabricated house
floor plan together 67,20 m2
building area 92,00 m2
net volume 171,30 m3
gross volume 265,40 m3

The cost of this one is 36,826 Euro (not including VAT), the equivalent of just under $42,000. To visit Ekokoncept, find them in our prefab and modular homes directory.

ek shipping container house

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This Prefab Home Saves You Money … On Shipping Costs

Prefab April 8, 2016

This Prefab Home Saves You Money … On Shipping Costs

Prefab homes are a way many people see as how they can get a less expensive, more eco sustainable house, and a big part of the cost that remains with a prefab home once money has been saved building it in factory is transportation of the modules.

So to save money on shipping their prefab homes, a company called Connect Homes is building their modular parts to fit inside shipping containers.

Yes, you’ve heard of people building houses out of shipping containers — so-called shipping container homes — but these ones are just a bit smaller. That means, according to the company, they can ship each module anywhere in the world for around $5,000 (rather than the up to around $25,000 per module it costs to ship some of the bigger modules used for modular homes currently.

Whether you’re building big or small, that cost of shipping is one you’re going to be looking at, so this is an interesting point Connect Homes is raising.

When you consider many prefab modular construction plans include 4 to 10 modules, that cost adds up. To see more of Connect Homes, visit our Directory of Prefab Homes (click here).

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Modern Prefab Home Design

Prefab April 8, 2016

Modern Prefab Home Design

This modern prefab home design is getting some attention for its designer, and from the looks of this prefab, I don’t think many people would even guess that it was a modular construction when they saw it.

It’s by the hand of designer Toby Long of Clever Homes, and it’s a 3,000 square foot prefab home which combines tall, airy interior spaces with modern, angular design aesthetics.

This designer builds prefabs for people almost always starting from a pre-set design (rather than designing from scratch). It saves money and time for the prefab home buyer is the reason.

They have prefab building designs from as small as 300 square feet to larger than 5,000 suare feet (with 3 and 5 bedrooms included in those templates).

Then, based on over a dozen prefab home styles, Clever Homes works with their client to adapt the design to fit a buyer, considering the building site, the design features they’re looking for, and their budget. To see more of Clever Homes prefab building work, find them in our prefab and modular homes directory.

modern prefab home design (3) modern prefab home design (2)

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A Prefab Home that Produces More Energy Than It Consumes!

Prefab April 8, 2016

A Prefab Home that Produces More Energy Than It Consumes!

Ok, prefab home fans, you may have heard about some of the ways you can cut down on your energy bills by looking at prefab building designs that incorporate new ideas about conserving (and producing energy), but here’s a building that takes it a step further. It’s a “carbon-positive prefab home” designed by ArchiBlox.

What does it do? the structure is airtight — it locks up to keep cool air in / heat out (this one is in Australia where they want to do that, but you can imagine the same process for keeping heat in / cool air out). Then the top of the prefab house has solar panels, and overall this modular building produces more energy than it consumes.

While some people attempt to counter their energy bills by setting up turbines at nearby waterfalls or even installing solar panels where they can, mostly solar panels are not enough to do it where many of us live (this Building Homes and Living blog is based on the Northwest Coast).

Some other interesting things about the ArchiBlox prefab house: it’s 800 square feet, and it employs simple, modernist design.

It also uses a lot of plants in its interior design — they sit on the walls almost like texture. And they use a lot of wood paneling on the interior for cabinetry and furniture. The company builds and delivers their prefab home orders in around 12-28 weeks (in Australia). To visit AchiBlox, find them in our prefab and modular homes directory..

archiblox prefab design archiblox prefab design (2)

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Prefab Homes: Adding a Glass Corridor to Your Design – Inexpensive Options

Prefab April 8, 2016

Prefab Homes Adding a Glass Corridor to Your Design – Inexpensive Options

One of the most attractive things about a prefab home is the setting. Of course, that’s true of any dwelling, but the unique thing about modular construction is, of course, the setting can change. Because prefab homes can be placed on simple leveling and blocking, they can be moved and leave very little behind them.

One company that uses a lot of glass in their house designs — both modular and traditional — in order to maximize the view of nature from inside, is Schmidt Architects (Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados).

Perhaps they are currently most famous for their use of glass corridors like the one they build in the Lo Curro which has caught many people’s attention.

While the expense of heating a structure surrounded by so much glass would probably deter most prefab home buyers in Canada and the northern states of the U.S., there are alternatives to add this kind of feature to your own prefab home design — and they don’t need to be expensive.

We’re focusing on how people can get into their own inexpensive homes right now on the Building Homes and Living blog, so for those people wanting to add something like what Schmidt does with views and corridors, here are two options: First, there is no need for that glass corridor to be open to the rooms on both sides. The glass corridor could be sealed off from them by doors of various types, so you wouldn’t need to heat the corridor. A second option is to not use glass at all, and just have a walkway between parts of the house or between parts of your modular home and another structure, like a garage. To see more of Schmidt team’s designs, find them in our prefab and modular homes directory.

schmidt design (1)

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